Sunday, April 06, 2008

What really makes a marriage last? That is the million dollar question. It is something even the experts have been trying to answer. Some think they have, but in realty there really is no simple answer.

My husband and I have been married for over 42 years and for years I have been getting asked, "How have you accomplished this long lost art?" I soon realized how many people were actually interested in how other couples have actually accomplished a long and happy marriage. So I started writing down some thoughts on how we had actually achieved this lost art. I also starting asking others what their secret was to a long and happy marriage. Before long I had collected some very inspirational stories & poems.

My book is an inspirational book about marriage done in a short story format. Some of the stories are true and some are fiction based on true events. My book will inspire couples who are just planning a wedding to couples who have been married for decades.

Who wouldn't love to read about other folks who have actually accomplished a Long and Happy Marriage. After all we tend to learn from our mistakes and from listening to others. Some of the stories will make you laugh, some will make you cry. You may see yourself in some of the stories. The stories will give you insight on how you can achieve a Long and Happy Marriage.

I know there are many books written on marriage, but what sets my book out from the rest is that it is written about couples who have had positive experiences and want to share what has helped them in their marriage. Most couples never want to read a boring marriage manual, but my book is a fun read and will inspire you to have a stronger and longer marriage.

I truly believe that in today's times we need more inspiration in our daily lives. Everyone wants a happy life and a great marriage. My book will inspire you and help you achieve not only a Long Marriage but a Happy one!

Below you will find one of the many stories in my ebook along with one of the poems. My ebook has 96 pages full of inspiring stories and poems

The Art Of Marriage

They Say Marriage Is Like An Art
Knowledge & Talent May Set Them Apart
But With A Blank Canvas Or A New Mate
The Total Beginning Is On Your First Date

Both With A Passion Deep In Your Heart
A Vision Of Feelings Right From The Start
To Create The Beginning Of A New Life
Whether With Canvas Or As Husband & Wife

A Solid Foundation With Both Is A Must
With Effort And Work & A lot More Than Lust
To Build On Your Dreams Its No Wonder Why
The Art Of A Marriage Is No Apple Pie

By Susie ©2008

Forever Honeymoon

That wonderful feeling that you have during the honeymoon period of a marriage, If only someone could bottle a formula so you could feel that way during your whole marriage. But unfortunately life goes on and the honeymoon will eventually change into the daily routine of normal living.

This is when my wife and I decided to make sure that we made time to keep a little spark of our honeymoon era alive during our marriage. No matter how busy we got we always enjoyed doing a simple jester to remind each other how much we really cared. If I knew my wife was down about something or was feeling like she was over worked, I would drop a note in her lunch bag to let her know that I loved her. Sometimes I would take the kids our for ice-cream so my wife could just relax and take a bubble bath.

I remember one time when I was feeling sorry for myself. It was when I didn't get the promotion that I had worked so hard for. My wife knew how hard I had worked and how bad I was feeling. That evening she came home and handed me a bag. I opened it and inside was a trophy with the world globe and it read; WORLDS BEST HUSBAND AND FATHER! She really helped me remember the real importance in my life.

The little things in life can have more meaning than you can ever know. My wife and I have helped each other keep the spark of romance in our daily lives. Its so simple and the reward is so great!

Dwane & Kathy 25+ years
© 2008

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